“CACI International has paved the way in anti-ageing rejuvenation and problematic skin solutions for almost three decades.”

The CACI Synergy is our latest and most advanced facial system that has been shown to reduce wrinkle depth by up to 75% and improve skin elasticity by up to 88%.

It offers a variety of exclusive technologies including our uniques S.P.E.D Dual Action Technology, that provides simultaneous skin rejuvenation and facial toning.

CACI Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning

For skin rejuvination and toning.

This non-invasive facial features S.P.E.D Dual Action Technology that provides simultaneous skin rejuvenation and facial toning.

This treatment uses Microcurrent impulses, to lift and tone and LED light therapy to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Firms the face and gives the skin a more youthful, fresh appearance and glow.

Includes the amazing CACI Jowl lift as standard.

Single treatment
£85 | 60 minutes

Course of 10 treatments £750 (saving £100)

A course of 10 treatments are recommended and maintenance treatments ever 4-6 weeks thereafter to maintain results.

For best results 2 to 3 treatments a week are recommended.

CACI Synergy Ultimate Lift and Glow

For the ultimate party-ready skin!

Combines CACI’s Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning with advanced skin exfoliation techniques to revitalise the skin, resulting in a brighter and smoother complexion.

A combination of advanced technologies are used to plump fine lines and wrinkles, instantly lift and tone the face and firm the neck.

Includes Ultrasonic rejuvenation to deeply cleanse and lift impurities from the skin, Eye Revive and Hydratone masks for ultimate skin hydration and lip booster treatment to soften top lip lines and get your party pout.

AlumierMD specialist serums and finishing products are used throughout treatment.

Single Treatment
£120 | 90 minutes


CACI Electro Cellulite Massager

For instant lift, shaping and toning the buttock and thigh area.

This treatment combines the therapeutic benefits of a massage with the effectiveness of Microcurrent therapy.

The conductive rollers improve the appearance of cellulite by gently breaking down fatty deposits.

It stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, which helps to flush toxins away giving a smoother, tighter and dimple free appearance.

Single treatment
£45 | 30 minutes

Course of 10 treatments £400 (saving £50)

CACI Express treatments can be added on to any Skinologist Facial :

Eye Revive ………………………….£20
Hydratone Mask ……………………£20
Hand rejuvenation…………………..£20

Can be added on to any treatment:

Party pout ……………………………£15
Jowl Lift ………………………………£20



“AlumierMD Peel Treatments are the next generation of clinical exfoliation.”

With a variety of peels, each with a unique complex of ingredients, your AlumierMD professional can customise your program of treatments to target your specific skin concerns whether it be aging, pigmentation or acne.

This unique experience includes an exfoliating peel treatment, brightening enhancement followed by prescriptive targets serums with reveal a more radiant, soft and luminous skin. 


For Dry, Normal, Oily, Dehydrated, Acne, Hyperpigmentation & Ageing skin

Glow Peel combines lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol, creating a multipurpose resurfacing solution effective in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation issues like age spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone.

This formula exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. To suit individual needs, Glow Peel can be customized by strength by numbers of layers. 

£90 | 1 hour 


For Acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, congestion, open pores & oiliness

With lactic and salicylic acid, radiant 20/10 resurfacing peel contains a powerful combination of them both which improves skin tone and texture by exfoliating dead skin cells and speeding cell turnover.

The multipurpose resurfacing peel reduces acne pimples and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

£90 | 1 hour 



 For Hyperpigmentation, Uneven Skin tone, dull skin, line & wrinkles  

Radiant 30 is an alpha hydroxy acid resurfacing peel containing lactic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells. Boost cell turnover and stimulate collagen, improving skin texture and tone.

This multifunctional peel targets multiple skin conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage and large pores.


£90 | 1 hour  

“DMK Enzyme Therapy works with the skin rather than merely acting on the surface.”

Enzyme therapy ensures optimal skin function by turning dead cells to a weak acid and flushing them from the skin.

Increasing oxygenation, cell metabolism and immune function via the Plasmatic Effect on blood and lymph circulation, this process stimulates the amino acids proline, glycine and lysine to enhance collagen production.



For all skin types. Brilliant for instant hydration, brightness and firmness

Combines a specialised blend of transfer messenger enzymes that improve skin function and strengthen the underlying structures by creating a plasmatic effect.

This unique treatment experience also uses DMK specialised transdermal serums, oils and nourishing creams tailored perfectly to your skin condition and the results you wish to see.

The DMK Enzyme mask needs to work on your skin for 45 minutes. So while you relax, a complimentary leg, foot, arm and hand massage will be performed.


£110 | 90 mins



Great for an upcoming event or social occasion where your skin needs to look it’s absolute best.

The perfect special occasion treatment for anyone seeking that instant wow factor. A combination of 3 Enzyme masques firm, brighten and tighten skin instantly.

DMK transdermal treatment products will be chosen to compliment your skin and get the best results for you.

The DMK Enzyme mask needs to work on your skin for 45 minutes. So while you relax, a complimentary leg, foot, arm and hand massage will be performed.

£130 | 90 mins 



Suitable for all skin types to get your best skin!  

Spa style relaxation facial treatment using results driven, transdermal treatment products.

Lie back and enjoy your welcome neck and shoulder massage, scalp massage and facial massage while DMK serums, oils and nourishing creams work synergistically to soften, hydrate and tone your skin.


£80 | 60 mins  

“Introducing… SkinPen Professional Microneedling”

Microneedling is the use of very small needles to repeatedly penetrate the layers of the skin in order to induce a 

wound healing cascade. If you’re looking for a brighter, fresher, younger looking complexion, this is for you.

SkinPen can help with acne scarring, anti-ageing and hyperpigmentation.



For Acne scarring, Anti-ageing and Hyperpigmentation

SkinPen microneedling creates thousands of tiny microchannels on the skin and triggers your wound healing cascade to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. 

At least 3 treatments are recommended and you will see results after 4 – 6 weeks.

Includes AlumierMD Post Procedure kit (worth £25)


£150 per treatment



For Acne scarring, Anti-ageing and Hyperpigmentation

SkinPen microneedling creates thousands of tiny microchannels on the skin and triggers your wound healing cascade to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. 

At least 3 treatments are recommended and you will see results after 4 – 6 weeks

Includes complimentary AlumierMD Post Procedure kit (worth £25) after each treatment 


£430  for 3 



For Acne scarring, Anti-ageing and Hyperpigmentation

1 SkinPen microneedling treatment and 1 Alumier MD peel. 

Includes complimentary AlumierMD Post Procedure kit (worth £25) after each treatment 




For Acne scarring, Anti-ageing and Hyperpigmentation 

3 SkinPen microneedling treatments and 3 Alumier MD peels. 

Includes complimentary AlumierMD Post Procedure kit (worth £25) after each treatment.



Bespoke Facials

“Not ready for a peel? Try a Bespoke Facial.

These facials are designed to target common issues on the skin. If you are not yet ready to step into the world of aesthetic treatments, and you like relaxation included in your rejuvenation treatments, then these lovely, results driven facials are a great way to start your journey to glowing skin.

Clean and Clear

A deep cleansing and purifying facial treatment designed to clear blocked pores and balance a challenged skin.

AlumierMD results driven treatment products will be used to resurface the skin and bring back your glow! An expert, detoxifying face neck and shoulder massage will be performed to speed up skin’s sluggish metabolism and bring comfort to unhappy skin. As if all of this wasn’t enough, while your skin is infused with a medical grade treatment mask, a pressure point scalp treatment is performed for the ultimate relaxation!

You will then go home with a gift of AlumierMD products to keep your skin hydrated and protected for up to 3 days post treatment.

£80 | 1 hour 15mins


Brightening Booster

Show your dull, dry skin some love and bring back the glow with this lovely facial.

The treatment offers 3 different types of massage to quiet an active mind, and drain toxins to reveal a fresher, brighter complexion.
Vitamin A and brightening boosters are used to boost your skin’s metabolism.

You will also go home with an alumiermd treatment pack to keep your skin perfectly hydrated for up to 3 days post treatment.

£80 | 1 hour 15mins


Skinsaver SOS

A beautiful facial treatment for those suffering from frail, sensitive or rosacea skin which can feel sore and reactive.

Results driven ingredients will be used in this beautiful facial treatment which targets redness prone skin.
Your skin will be expertly massaged after which a cooling, peel off seaweed mask is applied to calm sensitivity and brighten dull skin.
A soothing scalp treatment and massage is included.
You will take home a gift of AlumierMD products to keep your skin hydrated and protected for up to 3 days post treatment.
Suitable for pregnancy.

£80 | 1 hour 15mins


Hollywood Glow Facial

Shine bright like a diamond and get people talking!

Results driven resurfacing facial for all skin types, using an AlumierMD 10% lactic acid and fruit enzyme mask, a hyaluronic acid and peptide mask and targeted treatment serums tailored perfectly to your skin type. The treatment also includes and face, neck and shoulder massage along with a soothing scalp treatment and pressure point massage.

You will take home a gift of AlumierMD products to keep your skin hydrated and protected for up to 3 days post treatment.

£75 | 1 hour



Optional extra





Spa Find facials offer a sumptuous spa experience using 100% natural minerals from the Dead Sea and organic plant extracts to nourish, hydrate and balance your skin. 

A massage is followed by a double cleanse, exfoliation, face, neck and shoulder massage.

While a professional mask is working on your skin, a scalp massage will be performed. 

A real treat for the senses and you will leave feeling totally relaxed and hydrated like never before.

Cleanse, Mud, Glow Facial

deluxe facial treatment: excellent for tired, dull and sallow skins

It begins with a welcome massage followed by a luxurious facial which includes a face, neck and shoulder massage.

Two different mud masks dramatically refine and tone the skin’s texture.   

While your face is cocooned in the iconic Spa Find black mud mask you will receive a scalp massage. 

Warning : show stopping skin will follow

£50 | 50 minutes



If you are torn between booking a treatment that gives amazing results but want some much needed relaxation, then I have the perfect package for you.

PAMPER and PEEL are brand new treatment bundles designed to give you the best of both worlds, harmonising Spa and Aesthetics, an amazing combination!  

Can’t see what you want? Just ask me!

Peel & Massage 1



Back, Neck and Shoulder massage


£105 | 75 minutes

Peel & Massage 2



Full body massage


£125 | 105 minutes

Peel & Massage 3

Full Body Scrub
Back Massage


£120 | 90 minutes

Pen & Peel



SkinPen Microneedling Treatment



3 Pen & 3 Peels

3 AlumierMD Skin Peels


3 SkinPen Microneedling Treatments



All treatments are subject to full consultation.  If you are not suitable for any treatments, you will be offered an alternative.  All pamper treatments will be performed before the skin peel. 

Body Treatments

Salt Spa Sensation


a sumptuous top to toe spa body experience  

Incorporates the following elements:
  • Full Body Salt Scrub
  • Back massage
  • mini Facial
  • Scalp massage 
This treatment uses Spa Find Natural Mineral Therapy products which are vegan friendly, paraben free and all ingredients are sustainably sourced.

£75 | 1 hour 30 minutes

Beautiful Beginnings

A luxury full face and body treatment 

Suitable for Mums to be

A gorgeous top to toe treatment which brings the ultimate in relaxation and regeneration.

This 90 minute treatment includes a full body salt scrub, neck and shoulder massage, a mini facial, application of Dead Sea black mud on the lower legs and feet, and a scalp massage.

This is a true spa treat which will leave you floating on air and ready to take on the world!

£75 | 1 hour 30 minutes


Brushed with Salt

luxury full body exfoliation 

Revitalises the skin using a combination of 100% Dead Sea Salt and coconut oil blended with the Spa Find’s signature zesty aroma. 

To finish the treatment your skin will be massaged with warmed Spa Find body lotion to lift your senses. 

Your skin has never felt so soft and nourished.   

£25 | 30 minutes



A beautiful relaxing spa treatment targeting the release of tension and softening skin in this hard to reach area.  

The treatment starts with a back cleanse, steam and exfoliation using a blend of Dead Sea salt and black mud.

Your entire back and shoulders will then be massaged using hot stones for total relaxation of tired muscles and also stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph.

An application of warmed black mud will be applied to the back and the backs of your legs will be massaged with the hot stones.

To finish, the Dead Sea black mud will be removed with hot towels and Spa body lotion with be applied leaving your skin soft and silky smooth.

This treatment is for those who love Spa luxury and want to switch off from the world for a little while.

£60 | 50 minutes


Massage Therapy

Full Body Massage

Relax tired muscles and stimulate a sluggish circulation. 

Includes a scalp massage and application of body lotion.

£60 | 1 hour 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot mineral stones will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and free from the stresses of daily life 

Includes application of body lotion.


£65 | 1 hour 

Face Neck & Shoulder Massage

Great for those who suffer with headaches and stress tension

Includes a scalp massage

£40 | 45 minutes


Back Massage

Targeting the main areas of tension to deeply relax tired muscles and sluggish circulation

£35 | 30 minutes


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